School concert

Tutti Juttu


12.05. 10.00

Madetoja Hall


Matias Nässi


Music Classes of Pateniemi school
Kristiina Aarnio 
Music Classes of Myllyoja school
Nelli Sutinen 
Music Classes of Teuvo Pakkala school
Ellen Kärkölä 
Oulu Symphony Orchestra

Concert program

La Réjouissance from The Royal Fireworks Music
comp. Georg Frierdich Händel | arr. Richard Meyer

Cat Walk
comp. Pam Wedgwood | arr. Sauli Orbinski

Hilights from Harry Potter
comp. John Williams | arr. Michael Story

Radetzky March
comp. Johann Strauss vanhempi | arr. Richard Meyer

Laulu perunoiden kiehuessa
comp. Anna-Mari Kähärä | lyr. Juha Itkonen

Tutti Juttu -tunnari
comp. & lyr. Maria Portaankorva | arr. Tuomas Lampela

comp. Karl Jenkins

comp. & lyr. Maria Portaankorva | arr. Markku Viitasaari

Sininen pallo
comp. & lyr. Tuomo Rannankari | arr. Matti Kallio & Jussi Lampela

For school groups

Tutti Juttu, arranged already for the 30th time, is perhaps the largest children’s music event in Finland in terms of number of participants. The Oulu Symphony Orchestra, led by conductor Matias Nässi, will invite all the sixth-year pupils from Oulu’s music classes to conjure a melodic reality out of the notes on the music sheets and play as musicians together with musicians in an orchestra of nearly one hundred players.


Duration about 1 h, no intermission

Tickets 4 €/student, 0 €/teacher with his/her group

How to enter

Enter your group to the school concert by sending an e-mail to no later than on Wednesday 19th March 2023.

Please include the following information to your e-mail:

  • in what concert are you participating (11th May at 10 AM or 12th May at 10 AM)
  • the name of the school
  • the contact person: name, e-mail address and telephone number
  • how many students and how many teachers does your group include
  • does your group include persons with special needs, i. e. wheel chair
  • are you paying on arrival or do you prefer an invoice
  • billing address (internal invoice to the schools belonging to the City of Oulu organization, external invoice to others).

Feelings from Tutti Juttu rehearsal