School concert

The Snowman


01.12. 10.00

Madetoja Hall


Kimmo Tullila


Oulu Symphony Orchestra
Madetoja Music High School’s girls’ choir
Elina Kärki choir master

Concert program

The Snowman (1982)
Based on the storybook by Howard Briggs
Director Dianne Jackson
Composer Howard Blake

For school groups

Is it even really Christmas without The Snowman? The halfhour animated movie based on the story by children’s author Raymond Briggs is a beloved Finnish Christmas tradition, airing on TV before noon every Christmas Eve since 1992. The film is a touching story of a little boy who joins the snowman he built in his own yard on the journey of a lifetime high above the roofs of the town. The score for the film was composed by Howard Blake and it includes perhaps its best-remembered feature, the wistful song Walking in the Air.

Oulu Symphony Orchestra presents The Snowman, seen on the screen and heard live in the hall, conducted by Kimmo Tullila.

Image © Snowman Enterprises Ltd., 2021


Kesto noin 30 min (ei väliaikaa)

Tickets 7 €/student, 0 €/teacher with his/her group

How to enter

Enter your group to the school concert by sending an e-mail to no later than on Monday 7th November 2022.

Please include the following information to your e-mail:

  • in what concert are you participating (30th Nov at 12.30, 1st Dec at 10 or 1st Dec at11.30)
  • the name of the school
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  • how many students and how many teachers does your group include
  • does your group include persons with special needs, i. e. wheel chair
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