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OMJ 2023: Svängfonia


16.03. 19.00

Madetoja Hall


Janne Nisonen


Harmonica Quartet Sväng:
Eero (Geero) Grundström diatonic and chromatic harmonicas
Jouko Kyhälä chord harmonica Harmonetta, diatonic and chromatic harmonicas
Pasi Leino bass harmonica
Eero Turkka ddiatonic and chromatic harmonicas
Oulu Symphony Orchestra

For almost two decades, the harmonica quartet Sväng has captivated both its audiences and harmonica professionals around the world. Sväng’s various harmonicas create a rich soundscape, which is equally influenced by classical music, tango, and folk music from Finland and the rest of the world. The band’s music is seamlessly intertwined with artistically ambitious music and unique Finnish humour.

Svängfonia combines Sväng’s joint playing, sound and musical works with the sound of the Oulu Symphony Orchestra. The leading theme of the concert is tango, but the musical journey transcends stylistic boundaries; in addition to the tangos, you can hear the Sväng’s own musical language, Balkan rhythms, polska, as well as music from Sibelius and Chopin. The concert is part of the Oulu Music Festival 2023.

Sväng’s compositions for orchestra are arranged by the best in their field: Pessi Levanto, Marzi Nyman, Esko Grundstörm, Aili Järvelä and Roope Mäenpää.


Duration: about 2 h (incl. intermission)

Tickets 35 € normal / 25 € pensioner / 15 € student, unemployed, child (3–17 years)

Ticketmaster Finland across the country. A service fee is included in the ticket price. A separate Ticketmaster order fee of 1,50–2,00 € per order is added. Tickets without a service fee from Culture Centre Valve. A limited amount of Kaikukortti-tickets are available.

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