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Music for Midday: Travelling with Book Bus Kauno


17.08. 14.40

Bus stops for Book Bus Kauno


Oulu Symphony Orchestra’s string duo

Virva Pietilä, violin
Anna-Maija Rousselle, viola

Oulu Symphony Orchestra’s string duo travels with the Book Bus Kauno and gives small concerts on the route. In these concerts, hundreds of years old stories meet modern times. The playlist includes Bach and The Beatles, Queen of Sheba as well as Myrskyluodon Maija, walz from the open sea, schottische from Denmark and tango from Argentina.

Free admission


14.40 Jokela
15.10–15.25 Halosenniemi
16.20–16.30 Kello
16.40–16.55 Hietalanmäki
17.10–17.20 Kalimenkylä
17.40–17.55 Ritaharju
18.25–18.40 Pöllönkangas
18.50–19.15 Jylkynkangas