Season concert

Finland, An Opera Land


02.12. 19.00

Madetoja Hall


Kaapo Ijas


Helena Juntunen soprano
Nicholas Söderlund bass-baritone

Concert program

Erkki Melartin: Aino (1908)

  • Interlude
  • Koivuaaria

Aulis Sallinen: Punainen viiva (1978)

  • Balladi Vestmanviikistä

Olli Kortekangas: Isän tyttö (2007)

  • Axelin monologi “Yö on pitkä”

Einojuhani Rautavaara: Aleksis Kivi (1996)

  • Sydämeni laulu

Fredrik Pacius: Kung Karls jakt (1852)

  • “Och havets unga tärna”
  • “Drick, njut, älska och dröm”


Joonas Kokkonen: Viimeiset kiusaukset (1975)

  • Paavon kalastajamonologi
  • Riitan kuolema

Joonas Kokkonen: Sinfonia nro 4 (1970)

  • Moderato
  • Allegro
  • Adagio
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Finland is an opera land. Since Fredrik Pacius composed the first opera in our country in 1852, local artists have made arias and overtures from dozens of stories – the Kalevala, historical figures, myths and the everyday battles of ordinary people in life and love. In the evening’s concert, Helena Juntunen, who are among the key singers in the Finnish opera field, will perform scenes from the most famous works of Finnish opera.

In 1975, the opera The Last Temptations made Joonas Kokkonen a composer of the whole nation. Four years earlier, Kokkonen’s Fourth Symphony was completed. According the taste of the contemporary composers, the cinematic melodies and emotional style of Kokkonen were even too easy to understand. Nowadays the fourth symphony is the most performed of Kokkonen’s symphonies. Kaapo Ijas will conduct the concert.


Duration about two hours including intermission.

Tickets: 29/24/14€ including service fee.
Free entry to the concert for Kaikukortti holders (limited amount, must be purchased in advance from Oulu10 service point).

Prices include service fee. Order fee 1 €/order will be added (excluding Kaikukortti tickets).

Nicholas Söderlund

Interview with the artist: Nicholas Söderlund (in Finnish only)