Chamber concert

A Picture of Melodies


04.03. 15.00

Tulindberg Hall


Oulu Symphony Orchestra’s Chamber Musicians
Lasse Joamets
Johanna Tuikka
Emma Tessier 
Ann-Louise Wägar 
Sara Larikka 
Vanessa Cunha 

Concert program

Alain Bernaud: Hallucinations for Bassoon and Piano
Henri François Joseph Vieuxtemps: Sonata in B-flat Major for Viola and Piano, Op.36

Mèl Bonis: Suite en trio op. 59
Nino Rota: Trio for Flute, Violin and Piano

The program that we present at our season’s second concert by Oulu Symphony Orchestra’s Chamber Musicians explores intimate sonorities in duo and trio ensembles. The music, written between the mid-1800s and 1900s, accompanies the listener on a journey of imagery through beautiful melodies in dialogue with a romantic and impressionist character.

In addition to the viola sonata by Henri Vieuxtemps and the trio by Mél Bonis, compositions which emerged within that period and historical context, the music of the French Alain Bernaud and the Italian Nino Rota, both linked to the world of musical narration for images and cinema in the 1900s, also maintain the same leitmotif of tonality applied to their contemporaneity.


Duration about 1 h 15 min (incl. intermission)

Free admission.