Free entry

Autumn Holiday Kick-Off


21.10. 17.00

Oulu Music Center


Rumon Gamba


Oulu Symphony Orchestra
H.A.N.D. Dj’s Jori and Jari

Oulu Symphony Orchestra invites you to start the autumn holiday in Oulu Music Center! During the Club Night you will get a new view of how the orchestra works, can enjoy the services of the Restaurant Preludi and meet new people. Besides the Oulu Symphony you will enjoy the musical world created by H.A.N.D. Dj’s.

Furthermore, students can get Oulu Symphony’s very own, new overall patch!

We invite you to come as you are, the evening is open for everyone.
The admission is free!


from 5 PM to 9 PM Restaurand Preludi is open
The bar is open, snacks will be served. Special offers available.

from 6 PM to 7 PM Orchestral discovery session, Madetoja Hall
Chief Conductor Rumon Gamba guides the audience deep into the mysteries of music by placing the piece we hear in its historical context with his personal style. We pull apart the music to find out how it works. What kinds of timbres and tones can one find in the symphony orchestra? What does a conductor do? How do so many individuals combine to produce a performance? Surprises and more – we ourselves don’t even know what the evening brings.

from 7 PM to 9 PM Club night, Restaurant Preludi
The Restaurant Preludi is transformed into a living room for all music lovers. You’ll be able to exchange thoughts with the musicians, the Chief Conductor and other Oulu Symphony staff as well as with the audience. You can have discussions at least in Italian, Spanish, French, English, Polish, Japanese… Should you want to learn more about the profession of the musician, how we build the concert programmes, or perhaps hear the best cooking advice by Rumon, here’s your chance! Music to the Club Night is created by H.A.N.D. Dj’s Jari and Jori.

Chief Conductor Rumon Gamba invites you to kick off the Autumn Holiday with Oulu Symphony