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A Mind-blowing Adventure


02.09. 13.00

Studio Acusticum (Piteå, Sweden)


Rumon Gamba


Elina Vähälä violin
Oulu Symphony Orchestra

Concert program

William Walton: Suite from Henry V
Jaakko Kuusisto: Violin Concerto, Op. 28
Jean Sibelius: Finlandia, Op. 26

Under its Chief Conductor, the Oulu Symphony Orchestra brings the Nordics exactly the music Oulu’s orchestra is known for. The opening number comes from William Walton’s score to the 1944 period drama Henry V. Elina Vähälä, one of Finland’s most internationally renowned violinists, presents the Violin Concerto by Jaakko Kuusisto, characterised by The Who frontman Pete Townshend as “a mind-blowing adventure, crazy at times, but incredibly charming”.


Duration about 60 min, no intermission