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The Nutcracker


11.12. 16.00

Kaukametsän sali (Kajaani)


Jaakko Kuusisto


Oulu Symphony Orchestra
Madetoja Music High School’s girl choir


Elina Könönen choir master


Moosa Myllykangas, Milla Korja visuals

Concert program

Pjotr Tchaikovsky The Nutcracker

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Candles, a Christmas tree, beautifully wrapped presents, and The Nutcracker. The wondrously beautiful ballet by Pjotr Tchaikovsky is an inseparable part of the spirit of Christmas. The story of Clara and the wooden Nutcracker doll on Christmas night is based on Nutcracker and the Mouse King, a fairytale by E. T. A. Hoffmann. The ballet, one of Tchaikovsky’s most beloved works, is based on an adaptation of the story by Alexander Dumas. Tchaikovsky created a masterpiece that treats the audience to an endless stream of orchestral glory and unforgettable melodies. In this Christmas concert, the Oulu Symphony Orchestra performs the entire ballet score as a concert version.


Tickets: 29/24/14 €. Prices include service fee.

Duration about two hours including intermission.